Twilight Comes

by Immaculata

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This second album uses more synths, more vocals and a whole lot more drama. Meant to be a concept journey through a changing world there is fear, love, nightmare and conflict throughout this dreamscape of beats and ballads.


released May 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Immaculata Ballarat, Australia

Immaculata began in Ballarat in the early 90's, went through several incarnations and lineup changes before emerging as a distinct and unique sound, well before the predominance of mainstream goth acts. They ended up attracting the attention of German audiences by 2000, and are currently lurking in the shadows waiting to unleash new nightmare concept albums on the unsuspecting public. ... more

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Track Name: Valentines Day
Cold drop of light, like tears in the night
I know who you are
No need to hide, I'll find you
Your husband as well, your children too
There's no hiding from my electronic eye
So babies prepare yourselves to die

I am the light bringer
I am your justice
I am the angel of fire and doom
None shall escape this time of our retribution
Look to the skies and you will see me soon

Where's that light from on the horizon?
It's brighter than a supernova star
Our enemies said they hate us
swore to the world they'd break us
It doesn't matter to them who we are
We're strangers, as long as we die last

Load the machinery send in the army
Hit them with everything we can find
Watch it on television
chuckle and grin to see them
What is that strange object in the sky?
Babies, prepare yourselves to die

Oil from the earth no more for the taking
But how do we fuel our engines of war?
If they won't give we'll make them
If they won't move we'll bake them
As long as they can't retaliate in kind
They're crazy, they're not like you and I
Seal every window, keep your head down low
You see the blast though
you have closed your eyes
Everyone's bones are breaking
and the whole Earth is shaking
The nightmare from the nuclear age is nigh
Babies, prepare yourselves to die

Who was it for?
Did you know them, or feel them
or hold them or trust them or love them
Before the war?
Not many more days of sunlight
it's alright, we're dreaming of moonlight
it's forever night oh how I despise
that three letter word
Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes I wonder why there's nothing in my life
It doesn't help to cry
So many people here but no-one's got the time
So love just passes by

I'm getting older and my heart is growing colder
And all I hear is dripping water
weakening the bricks and mortar of my life

What's my name? Is earthly beauty
now the only currency of fondness? I don't know
Well it happens to us all in time
Like fruit we wither on the vine
The crime is that we waste our time alone
Oh, that's the way it goes

Sometimes I sit here watching people I don't know
I wonder where they go
Maybe like me they're hoping love will set them free
And then they wander home
Don't make a sound
unless there's no-one else around
And never show your fear
because no-one will come near
They just don't want to know
Track Name: Twilight Comes
Here in the twilight daylight comes
Falling stars bright as morning sun
Raining death on the silent guns
Brothers all, they at last are one

Here is a man with golden hair
He's a man who will go nowhere
There's a boy barely seventeen
Tell me why are they lying there?

Crimson and green all through the glade
Thundering in the murk and haze
Sweat and tears for fifteen days
In the end for a shallow grave

Don't blame the soldiers blame us all
They don't know what they're fighting for
Sons and husbands proud and tall
Raise the flag and they'll march to war

Fire from the sky
and then night becomes the day
and the ashes blow away
I'd keep you from harm
but it's all so far away
and no-one really cares
and it's always been the same

There is a light that comes to me
Glimpses of faces I have seen
Before my eyes a scene from paradise
No time to cry in my last heartbeat
Track Name: The Fine Line
The fine line that broke my mind and sent me
walking in this moonlit night
I should have known I was out of time
but I believed the lies, were they yours or mine?
City love is cruel I've had enough
the lights are blinding, my soul is dying
You play in a painful kind of way
release me now and save me

I feel like a mongrel who ran away from home
but this dog lost his favourite bone and so...

I'm not coming home
Don't leave the light on
and don't wait by the phone
Believe me when I say
You broke my heart in two I won't forgive you
You crossed the fine line
This was the last time and never again

I might choke in this factory air
I need to find some place got to go somewhere
I'll take a train and I'll go right now
I've got to flee this hole, got to leave somehow
City life has killed my paradise
It's only lying and people crying
I'm tired of this crazy waste of time
Farewell my dear I'm leaving

So you find another to sacrifice their joy
Try and buy an unbreakable toy because...

Let me speak of this brave new world
Tired grey loveless and ugly
But where oh where are my blue skies?
Why did I leave them behind?
Country air where there's love to share
will I find you there?
Track Name: Release My Soul
Oh when I beheld your beauty I was sold
Like an angel flew by and released my soul
But it seems I've always been too young or old
You say you're out of my league, well
I don't need to be told

Now your other half's gone away and your heart's grown cold
You dont want to be a slut, but you can't break the mold
Come alive after five cos it's killing you to be so alone
I've been waiting here all of this time but you don't wanna know

Release my soul, release my soul
Let it fly as high as it wants to go
If you keep me this way well I don't know
If we still can be friends please let me go

Can a spirit get lost in a dream?
Can a human being never be free?
Can love really be good for me?
Lord of the sword my master

And I tried to survive but my feelings have died long ago
I'm a prisoner now in your tomb and it's time to let go
Track Name: Little Houses
All the little fast cars are leaving with their masters
and crowding on the highway
They're coming home to you
Eyes in every window show a fear that they don't know
The traffic's moving too slow, there's nothing they can do

No time to look around and no time to feel down
And nothing ever changes ain't that grand
There's money to be made and there are bills to be paid
As if it really matters
ain't that strange?

All the pretty houses contain the married spouses
They've pictures on their white walls of places never seen
Church is on a Sunday and work begins on Monday
And every other day is a television dream

No time to be afraid so put all your fears away
There is a special place just for you
Come to the masquerade, we're all drinking lemonade
There's not a cloud in sight it's Thursday

You're like a boy with a broken down toy
but you don't ever cry and you never say die
You're wealth is increasing that's good you suppose
But nobody knows...

Shattered like a window dreams are real until the wind blows
You plan and still you don't know that nothing's what it seems
Now the tide is turning like leaves your memories burning
Inside your little boxes the pain will fade away

Track Name: Fly to Heaven
Fly to Heaven

Oh this road is long I know
I've walked here forever and a day
Things I've seen, vast hill of green
Deep valleys and forests overgrown
Stars in the deep black sky
Planets that tumble through the night
But something's wrong
I don't belong
I wake up and everything is gone

Take me away, take me now, fly to heaven
So far away, night and day, leave forever

Oh where you go I'll follow all the way
(And the walls grow stonger still)
Fly, seek a gorgeous view
And I'll belive in you, I do
(Madness mind and shattered will)

Signs are pointing everywhere
And still I cannot find my way
Even though I long to go
I'm frightened much more that I should stay
Where have all the colours gone?
And why has everything turned grey?
Men have grown cold hearts of stone
My rocket is here to take me home

All my powers fade away
And no-one believes a word I say
It's all a dream, what do they mean?
I cannot believe they have not seen
Phantoms in the moonlit hills
Castles that vanish with the light
Alien thrones are carved of bones
And voices that sing and cannot die
Track Name: Mortal

Evil, that's the way I was made
According to wisdom of the day
Laws of ignorance and hate
Laws that they made

So you find your own way home
Now that it's dark you're on your own
Where the gentle people roam
Is no place I know

Every little thing is wicked or a sin
I can't fit in if in my heart is a shameful hidden thing
I've fallen on the road in sight of those I used to know

Still they come to me with their lies
Their open palms
How do they feel?
They are the ones who made love die
Evil that's the game that we play
So we hurt to kill the pain
But the wounded make us pay
In their own way
Track Name: Black Sky
Come inside come into my garden
Into my world, my universe
Talk to me and let me hold your hand
I'm beginning to understand
All the love I feel for you

When will you be able to remember
Sanity, you're lost at sea
Feeling bad, cannot mend
The trouble never ends

If I could save you I would
But the walls between us
Are as strong as steel
Under black sky we stand
Are we to wait forever?
All the time in the world
Is not enough
Understanding is needed here
Ever trying to find our space in time
In the future or in the past?
You were the last

When will you be able to remember
Sanity, you're lost at sea
Feeling bad, cannot mend
The trouble never ends

Put your trust in a friend
And surely they will come
Cos they want you to
Believe in you
So have some faith in what you do
Cast away your fear
And come into my garden
Walk with me and you'll begin to see
Your enemy I could never be
Track Name: Evergreen
Moving quietly and walking slowly through the whispering trees
Down to the sea, the river curls around my feet
The path is very long to the ancient rocks I lie on when I come
I feel the breeze, I hear it call to me

Don't take this away from me, wild as a storm, heavenly
On the winds of change they fly (So can I)
Nature's love is evergreen like a waking dream I can see
And there were footsteps on the beach (Next to mine)

The sand blows overland and rushes to the beach in time to meet
The ardent sea, its love for all eternity
The stars float through the night, they're going home and too soon
So must I
I've no concern I close my eyes and I'll return


And all my thoughts bend with the breeze
They float away like falling leaves
And every nightmare becomes undone, not real
Without the cruelty of the sun
The light of darkness that's on everyone
In midnight dreams are real
And this place makes me feel

I have no place to land
I have no fear this time I'm in her hand
I have no plan, there's only water air and sand
And I'm not cold tonight
My harvest moon is smiling I'm alright
And so I lie upon the ground to sleep and fly

Track Name: Why Does Love Scare People So?
Why Does Love Scare People So?

Drat and damn
What happened to my plan?
I've fallen for a friend
I swore I'd never let
Myself do this again

Even though I've tried to let you go
I can't survive alone
and so I hang around
Because I love you so

Why does love scare people so, well I don't know

Wanna be in love but you're not so you try again
Wanna find someone just like you
I'm the one who can't see straight so I look away
Wanna be in love but it's gotta be you

Friends are rare
and baby you're the best
Cause you still play with me
When all the others flee
Because I'm strangely dressed

I must find out what this is all about
Love is a silly thing
But when it gets you
takes control of everything

Why does love scare people so well I don't know

So my friend
We come to this again
My heart's atrocious aim
But what I feel for you
is valid all the same

We live and learn
Maybe one day you'll see
That in a painful world
When all the others leave
Well then you'll still have me.
Track Name: Falling Apart
I'm falling apart
I have no emotion
I'm bleeding inside
with each passing moment
And when I see you
I forget what to say

I'm fading away
My clock isn't counting
Each hour today
The hands are not moving

Crazy waste of time for all of these years
and still I try
I washed your life for you
and held you above this dirty game
But life's too hard to play
I'm losing my mind to save my heart
I'm falling apart
Track Name: Following
I've seen you in a dream
What does it mean?
Through a misty window
Foreign lands roll beneath
A beautiful scene
If your heart won't hear me call
Forever I'll be falling

Why I keep calling
I cannot feel but I can still recall
Wind on a summer night
Love like before
You're a part of me

Oh don't let me down
Come lay me down
When the sun goes down
I'm following

Beauty lives I believe oh yes
Give it to me
Forever I'll keep searching
Just like ships on a sea of time
That never can die
Angry though the waves may be
Hope keeps me from sinking